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  • Cheryl Ann Nocera

You Cannot Rush Life

You Cannot Rush Life I have learned many lessons through my life that you cannot have everything at once. All the money in the world will not buy you happiness And happiness does not always come with love. I also learned that you cannot rush any of the above. There were times I thought I found at least two at the same time And found that I was wrong. Sometimes there is love that you should not hold on. I have wasted my time in certain relationships and thought I found happiness. When all I ever really found was a life that was full of bliss. Kiss me once, kiss me twice and I hope I am not fooled again. I know now that you cannot rush anything. And learn all you can. Life is a learning process that you should never try to change. Enjoy what you learn and find and learn everything you can gain. I hope anyone who read this can gain some insight on how. To just enjoy life even if can be a merry-go-round. Good Luck from Cheryl Thank you for reading

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