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  • Cheryl Ann Nocera

What Went Wrong Between Generations

What went wrong between generations?  Did we lose touch with reality, everything around us, or do we not know how to feel?

The world around us is losing it's will.  Try to imagine one house where people live with many things going on and running out of options to turn or fix.  That is what is going on right now in our house the Earth in which we live has so many problems, natural and man-made catastrophies.  

United States is suppose to be one of the smartest and advanced places in the world and yet instead of caring about it, we find more ways to destroy it.  Why?  I ask myself this question a lot of times.  Have the very same people forgotten what is important or do they care.  There are times I think the most heartless people are the ones who are running the show.  The very same people we are suppose to have faith in.  I do not know about you, but I have none.  My question is, were they always like this.  Did they ever know how to feel?  How can one go to sleep at night knowing that a decision they had made could put the very same country they fight for at risk?  If there was ever a time they felt they might make decisions differently.  

We have to get people in power that care and that know when they go to sleep at night, they will rest in peace.  We need someone in power that can feel and I do not mean the type feeling Oh, wow that was bad I feel bad for the animals that do not have a home.  I mean someone that would not make a decision to put any natural environment including us in position like the one in the Gulf.  There is no excuse for this.

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