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  • Cheryl Ann Nocera

Sands of Time

There was a time in this world when things were simple.  People actually had to walk to get places, get up turn a TV on, and have to wait for certain things.  Now most of us get in a vehicle to get places, sit on a couch and turn the TV on with a remote, and thanks to the internet we really do not have to wait for much. Times have definately changed and for the better in most cases. However, are we losing ourselves?

Children used to go outside to play and get exercise.  Now they sit on a couch and play video games.  Also, kids go on a computer to communicate.  Has society as a whole lost themselves and lost how to communicate.  Text messages drives me nuts.  I know for most people they love it.  Peope do not even want to hear a voice.  It is a typed word or words or sometimes just letters.  

I often wonder if we will ever be able to find a way to communicate again, stay active, and maybe not be inpatience if we have to wait for something. I know we have advanced through the past 40 years or more. But how far have we really gone.  It seems we are going backwards not forward. 

Written by, 

Cheryl A Nocera 

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