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  • Cheryl Ann Nocera

Money VS. Environment

Money VS. Environment

          Last night I saw an incredible movie both scarey and an eye opener.  The movie "2012" if people are not aware is basically the world coming to end.  Now I am not saying the world is going to end, but I believe there is some truth in the movie.  What I mean by this people focus on making and spending money.  We all love to spend.  How much time do you spend with the environment?  It is almost like people live in a big bubble and do not pay attention to things in it.  When you drive in your car do you look at the sky or just look at the car next to you that cut you off?

         Anyway, getting back to the movie, there was alot of storms, earthquakes, and unimaginable happenings.  In reality we could not over power it.  If we were to stand up against the environment we would lose.  Why is taking people so long to realize we need to start focusing on the environment.  The very people in power that make the decisions for us to send our children and families over seas to be killed in a war that should end.  They are not making too many decisions for our environment.  When people to try to stand up for the environment they are told that there is nothing wrong, or it's just people trying to scare everyone. 

The big question is if you have money and no where to spend it; what good is it?  What if it is true ten years from now we may not have drinking water or it may be scarce.  What good is money? 

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