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  • Cheryl Ann Nocera

How would you define humans?

We are the most imaginative, innovative, and creative species.  We have invented ships and boats to ride in water, airplanes to fly in the air, and vehicles to drive on the road. We have invented medicine to cure some diseases, established financial institutions, created buildings that are as tall as the sky, educate people, and found a way to communicate with animals. 

But how smart are we really?  As intelligent as we are; we are also ignorant.  We focus on greed, how to get to the next level in ours careers, and how to come up with the next big invention.  However, we cannot cure all diseases, our environment is changing, hate and hunger are growing more and more, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, crime and depressiion are on the rise, and war is still growing.  

With all of our accomplishments our failures are equal.  How is it we can create all these good things, but we cannot create peace? Do we really think that there will be no consequences?

Writting by, 

Cheryl A Nocera 

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