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  • Cheryl Ann Nocera

Have We Lost Touch With Reality

   Time after time, I scratch my head wondering how long wiill it take before everyone just gives up.  People do not have jobs, which means they do not have money; or they are taking jobs for a lot less.  Meanwhile, prices of gas, food, and all other daily things we need have gone up.  Where will this lead everyone.  When only a short percentage of people are the rich and the rest are barely middle class and a lot are low class. So, where do we go from here.  Do we continue this trend of hopelessness; or do we stand up and demand for a change?  If we do stand up for ourselves, who do we go to?  

Then there is even a bigger picture of the environment.  Weather pattern changes, nothing stabile, and confusion.  Animals not knowing what to do.  Do they hibernate, do they go South for the winter, or do they stay and tough it out?  We have Canadian Geese that here all year round, parrots in the city, and swan in place noone would ever thought for them to be.  Why is this important; because food that is scarce for animals that are native and stay in the area, is now becoming scarce because other animals are there.  Same thing in the ocean; species that are normally in other areas, are adapting to area where they are not native.  These are called Invasive species.

Everyone who cares about thiese things, we need to stand together and come up with ideas to 

stop this pattern. 

Written by, 

Cheryl A Nocera 

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