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Human Impact On The Environment - YouTube

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Impact of Climate

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.Ziggy is having a great time, and we should to. We should be able to feel grass under our feet and breath in the fresh air. Stretch our arms out and take a big breath and let go of all our stress. 

But how can we? We have to work and take care of our homes and family. How can we find time do awaken our senses and relax? One way we can, include our families in this awakening of senses. Instead of going to the mall spending money or movies, take a walk outside through the woods, beach, lake and parks. Just explore. If you are on a beach let the feeling of the sand running through your toes guide you to freedom, if you are in the woods, listen to the sounds around and enjoy the clean air, smell the trees and nature to awaken your smelling senses (if you have allergies recommend take extra precaution before doing so, or it will not be so relaxing). In the woods you can include almost all your senses, seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and if you want take some food, make a picnic out of it; to include your taste sense.

Please do any of these things and share with me some of your own experiences and what you might do instead.

Thank You,Cheryl A Nocera  

Nature VS. Stress

Ziggy having fun with nature: Why can't we do that?

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