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Sky Is The Limit

Back To Basics: About the environment and how people can just enjoy what is around them for free.


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In life we have a chance to succeed. Some of us will move on and some of us will stay the same, and some of us will fail. However, it does not mean that all is lost forever. We just have to find our way. As years pass by, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, and every second counts. People find themselves in dismay. It is easy to stay the same course. It is a lot easier to stay in the same job, school, relationship, and same routine. What does it take to move on? It takes motivation, strength, energy, knowledge, and something to hold on to. How do we let go? We let go by saying, today is the day for us to move on. Today is the day I want to change. And to know their is a better way. If you are Irish there is always a luck at the end of that rainbow, and a brighter future. Will you succeed? Not at first, but once you have achieved your goal, it will be very rewarding.

Do not miss out on life?

Cheryl A Nocera

Connecting Missing Pieces

When you walk outside, do you look at the sky, look at the animals running or flying around, do you look at the sun, moon, or stars?

When you are around love ones, do you enjoy their company, be grateful for your family and friends, or just go through the motions of being somewhere?

Do you know what it is like to smell something and what it feels like, enjoy the touch of a water, sand, a flower, or an animal?

Do you ever take a moment to remember what it felt like as a child to learn something for the first time?

Enjoy Life

Cheryl A Nocera

Link Together

Are we all just waiting to try a new thing in life? Should we all stand together to believe and fight? We breath the same air, drink the same water, we see the same sky, and we speak. What holds us from saying a simple hello, being kind to a stranger; could it be the unknown? We may not look the same, but we all feel. We see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. So what is different? Do you think if we stand together we could accomplish so much more? Or should we stay separate and still ignore? There is a term called diffusion of responsibility, which means many people see an accident or an incident, but they think the other person will call for help or whatever needs to be done. Is this really how we should work in this world, what have we done?

Link together, try to be nice to someone.

Cheryl A Nocera