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Do You Believe In Ghost?

Yes, it is that time of year again; where everyone dresses up and pretends to be a ghost, gremlin, and etc. A lot of people celebrate this time of year to dress up and be something or someone else, other than themselves. Why wouldn't you want to dress up in a cape and run around and eat lots candy? Or maybe put a sheet over your head and scare people. Halloween is a great time of year for lots of scares and lots of treats (dark chocolate is my favorite).

However, the questions still remains, are ghost real or is it just a made up tale. Have you ever wondered when suddenly you feel a breeze go by, and there is no windows open, or a way for a breeze to come through, what was that? Have you ever seen from the corner of your eye a shadow and second guess, what you just saw? Or feel a tingling sensation and ask what was that, or my favorite, someone is walking over my grave? These are questions that are not so obvious to some and to others pretty clear.

So the next time you experience any of these things listed, pay attention you might have a guest that you not invite.

Happy Halloween


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