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Human Impact On The Environment - YouTube

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Impact of Climate

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Changes In Weather Patterns

In recent years, we have seen changes in weather patterns all across US. Places that normally get snow are getting much more, places that are usually dry and hot are getting cold, and other places that have a mix of everything; still have everything, but the everything is more extreme, and last longer. In June 2011, there was a tornado that hit Springfield, MA. and devastated the area. Although, Springfield, MA is no stranger to tornadoes this particular tornado was very extreme. In fact, Springfield is still rebuilding. In Northeast Massachusetts 2011, October 30, we had a snowstorm that left a half of foot of snow and many power outages in some areas. Then again, October 2012 we had Hurricane Sandy. Yes, we Northeast Massachusetts is no stranger to hurricanes this one particular. It came with full force, a lot of rain and wind. People were told to stay home from work, because the storm was so big. This storm was massive in size. This year Oklahoma has been bombarded with tornadoes killing many people and almost wiping them off the map. One of the tornadoes was an F5. In parts of California and Colorado there are many wildfires.

I also want add weather is not the only pattern chaining. People are changing. They have become more violent, aggressive, and sad. More and more illnesses are surfacing, some that cannot be explained. We have little children that are dying at young ages, not just from gun violence, but cancer, and other forms of illnesses. What is thriving this force behind the evil? Could be the food we are eating, the elements we are around, what about things children and people see day after day, or is just inside of them? So many questions, and not enough time to answer all, or find out the answer. However, could that be the problem that we do not take time to see what it is front of us and know everyday? We know our foods are being tampered with. Putting antibiotics in our meat, genetically modifying our vegetables, what is going in our water? I am sure there something going in to water, we just do not know about it yet. How about the air we breath?

There are many factors that go in to most of these questions; it is finding out how to change the direction we are going and turn it the right way.

I hope this article was helpful.

Cheryl A Nocera 

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