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Human Impact On The Environment - YouTube

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Impact of Climate

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Climate: Is It Changing

There are so many theories about the climate. Some scientist say that the warmer weather and unstable patterns are a part of the earth's process or regenerating itself. Other scientist fear the it is global warming that is playing a big part. What would be fueling the weather patterns? Could it be all the gases that have entered the earth's atmosphere, all the trash that ends up in the ocean or watersheds, or could it really

The Best Things in Life Are Free

     I was always a single mother and I never really had a lot of money. However, I am fortunate enough to love one of the best things in life which is nature. I always exposed my son to nature. When my son was old enough to walk I would take him down the beach to chase the waves. For fun things down the beach we would pick rocks and shells and he loved it. As he got older I used to show him the pollution that was on the beach and taught him it was wrong. I remember one time he was five years old and we were down a beach and my son said, "Look mommie someone threw a diaper in the water I was disgusted. It got worse as the years went on.

     Now I am still on the same mission educating children about the environment and why it is so important to keep our planet clean. I remember while I was in school I took my first Environmental Science class and the professor was incredible. She had us do this project where we went down outr local beaches and keep a week record of the trash that was collected in a certain area. I was shocked. I always knew the beaches were polluted but wow what and eye opener. Not only was there trash but the same trash from that week was still there. I laugh because there are signs posted all over the beach $100.00 fine if you pollute. Where is the fine? Who is watching for pollution? I bet if you go five miles over the speed limit you will be caught. Of course, the police are all over that, but who is watching for trash.

     Again, I just want to say the best things in life our free we just need to take some time out of our day to enjoy it. Maybe go for a walk down the beach, woods, or a wildlife sanctuary. Life is too short. Let's not forgot about our land and aquatic friends.

Please check out this song written by a band the Veer Union

Sea Level Rising: What to do and how can we change?

Are the Sea levels rising? What is predicted? Can we change it? The answer is very individual. Have we seen extreme weather patterns, know of the ice melting, heard of more invasive species, witnessed first hand flooding in areas that normally do not flood? Yes, we all have. Now the question is what can we do to prevent maximum damage; First, we have to ask ourselves what is causing the sea levels to rise: Is it the melting of the ice, fish getting bigger, more invasive species finding it easier to adapt to climates normally they cannot, is it the earth's temperature getting warmer, more carbine dioxide levels being put in the air, or is it human error. The answer is yes to all. So to answer the question what can we do, we have to address each question above individually.

If you would like to be a part of making this change let me know and I will give you resources and tools to use.

Thank You,

Cheryl A Nocera  

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