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Cheryl Ann Nocera
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I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and healthy. We cannot forget about the people that have nothing, or have lost people in their lives. We also cannot forget about people going through something during these times. This year a know of three close friends of mine who lost someone, and this will oficially be there first Christmas without them. My heart breaks. Usually I alwasy know what to say, but for someone reason in these situations I look to the family for support, to know how they are doing, because it is not about me. I alwasy feel bad when someone around me is suffering sometimes to the point where I feel the pain more. 

Something interesting happened to me on Christmas Eve. I went to get lottery tickets for my family, and I kept dropping five dollar bills. When I came out of the store there wasa crumpled up $5 on the ground, so I thought it was mine. Then I thought about it, and saidI do not think so and returned to the store on case someone did drop it. I went to the nail salon to get a eye brow wax and they gave me a gift. I did  not expect that, so I think it was because I returned that $5. 

Anyway, have a blessed holiday season
Cheryl A Nocera 

Cheryl A Nocera

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