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Cheryl Ann Nocera
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The other day I was very tired an exhausted and I swear with the gracfe of God I was able to go to work. In my lie of work children count on me to be there, because I help them learn and have fun. Anyway, the whole day I was there I sued power of the mind, and made it through. However, this time I was not just meant to be there for the children, but for another person. This person has fallen on some real hardtimes, not fault of their own. Pretty much their whole life has been a disarray. On top of the last few months of turmoil, they just got some more bad news, while I was with them. I listened, and gave some advice as best .as I could hoping it would be enough. Sometimes, problems go on and feel like they will never stop. This is the worst feeling. Anyway, the time the call came through, it was 4:38PM. I remember a while ago I wrote something that I kept seeing this time and I knew it meant something, and I pictured it the exact placee it happened. Now when I feel better I am going to be working on ways to help this person. 

Prayers to them

written by, 

Cheryl A Nocera


Cheryl A Nocera

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