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Sky Is The Limit

Back To Basics: About the environment and how people can just enjoy what is around them for free.



I welcome anyone to write any of your comments to my webpage about your nature experiences or anything else you have to say about nature.

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How To Enjoy LIfe

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on January 25, 2020 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (212)

How To Enjoy Life?

The best way to enjoy life is to mix things up, and try to do something different when you can. We were not made to just get up go to work or school, come home and just exist. We are meant to create an atmosphere of new things when we can, add fun into our lives, and still do what we have to do every day. 

Imagine going to work, then coming home watching TV, and nothing else. BORING. We all need to spice things up like our food. Now I am not saying do something different everyday, but when you can do it. Live a life of happiness, funness, do not forget adverture. Do everything that you possibly can to be a better you. 

Cheryl A Nocera 

Life and Learning

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on October 15, 2017 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (1276)

                                        LIFE AND LEARNING

     Life is a learning process. I learned over the past fourty years that every thing we do we learn. We learn when we go to school, make friends, and everything we do. Sometime we have lots of laughs, sometimes we have lots of tears, sometimes we have butterflies in our stomachs, and sometmes we are just in aw from something we learned. We all have feelings and thoughts, and sometimes they get distorted. We need to be able to see through these emotions, and figure out how to reset. When you take a walk through nature and feel so great you learn how to enjoy natures free gift. When we hang out with a group of friends through conversations we learn things they know. When we go to school we learn. When we are babies we learn through all five senses, and our surrroundings. Life has so many things to offer, and we have to learn through our experiences.

Knowledge Is Key

Cheryl A Nocera

Sands of Time

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on August 19, 2013 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (153)

There was a time in this world when things were simple.  People actually had to walk to get places, get up turn a TV on, and have to wait for certain things.  Now most of us get in a vehicle to get places, sit on a couch and turn the TV on with a remote, and thanks to the internet we really do not have to wait for much. Times have definately changed and for the better in most cases. However, are we losing ourselves?

Children used to go outside to play and get exercise.  Now they sit on a couch and play video games.  Also, kids go on a computer to communicate.  Has society as a whole lost themselves and lost how to communicate.  Text messages drives me nuts.  I know for most people they love it.  Peope do not even want to hear a voice.  It is a typed word or words or sometimes just letters.  

I often wonder if we will ever be able to find a way to communicate again, stay active, and maybe not be inpatience if we have to wait for something. I know we have advanced through the past 40 years or more. But how far have we really gone.  It seems we are going backwards not forward. 

Written by, 

Cheryl A Nocera 

Violence, Corruption, Government, Weather, and etc.

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on August 2, 2013 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (1087)

In recent months we have seen an increase in violence, corruption in government, failed court system, disasters in weather and environment, and loss of hope.  

They claim the end of the world was December 2012.  Some people believe we are starting a new era, and others believe it was hoax.  It does not really matter what we believe, but signs of something are there. On April 15, 2013 Boston seen devastation with the Boston Marathon Bombing.  For the first time Boston was the target.  It was an eye opener.  A couple of months later, there were storms an devastation with tornadoes, wildfires, floods, drought, and temperatures off the charts.  Then in the month of July, 2013 the final verdict came in for Trevon.  All I can say is unbelievable.  How someone can shoot a child that had no cause for alarm was found guilty; it is beyond me.  That is where failure of the court system comes in.  After hearing jurors say, according to law Zimmerman is innocent.  How does that work? I feel really bad for his parents and family.  I do not think Trevon should have been killed.  

The reason I mention corruption in goverment, the ecomony is not better, only for a small percentage, alot is coming out in the Bulger case about the federal government helping him.  It is almost like if the government wants certain things to happen it will; if they do not it won't.  It must be nice to have that kind of power. 

One of my favorites was the Hernandez the football star signing a 500 million dollar contract and being a murderer.  I do not make a percent of that amount.  Most people do not.  Another sad case was Amy Lord being kidnapped and then killed in South Boston, MA at the age of 24.  

What is this world coming to?

Cheryl A Nocera

How would you define humans?

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on January 16, 2013 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (279)

We are the most imaginative, innovative, and creative species.  We have invented ships and boats to ride in water, airplanes to fly in the air, and vehicles to drive on the road. We have invented medicine to cure some diseases, established financial institutions, created buildings that are as tall as the sky, educate people, and found a way to communicate with animals. 

But how smart are we really?  As intelligent as we are; we are also ignorant.  We focus on greed, how to get to the next level in ours careers, and how to come up with the next big invention.  However, we cannot cure all diseases, our environment is changing, hate and hunger are growing more and more, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, crime and depressiion are on the rise, and war is still growing.  

With all of our accomplishments our failures are equal.  How is it we can create all these good things, but we cannot create peace? Do we really think that there will be no consequences?

Writting by, 

Cheryl A Nocera 

Merry Christmas

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on December 25, 2012 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (3)

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ.  Some people celebrate it with family and some alone. People take this time to think about another year gone by.  Maybe some had the best of year of their life and some it could not end quick enough.  We all share some misfortune through the year, but on this special day we gather around and smile, laugh, and some may cry. This time is very special because it does bring people together, even put a happy face on when there is sadness in the year. 

I have a golden rule in life;  always be nice to people, because you never know that you may be the only person that has been nice to them all day.  You maybe the only person to say hello.  Let's see if this year we can try to be extra friendly to others, so they can feel special to. 

Merry Christmas

Cheryl A Nocera 

Changes In The Whole Eco System

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on November 19, 2012 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (61)

I am writing this blog November 19, 2012 and there has been some new changes in weather, environemnt, and where both humans and animals live.  Sunday November 11, 2012 there were dolphins swimming in Taunten River, Massachusetts.  Although, some people think that is awesome and cool, it is not.  Even if they were just passing through to get to another area, they are still considered to be an invasive species.  Invasive species are a species that does not belong.  Why this is bad, is because they will eat the food of a native species ( a species that belongs in that area) they will take over the area of that species, and there will be struggle for both to coexist together.  Even if an invasive species is a species that is passing through it is still causing some friction.  

I am from Boston, MA. where winter is just starting to begin in another couple of days it will officially be winter, and the temperatures are starting to drop.  However, last week we had days in the sixties and seventies.  Although most of enjoy it and it is good to get a couple of more days of warm weather.  Guess what else is enjoying these temperatures? Animals, bugs, and other living things, which means they think it is time to be awake, regrow, and bugs are out doing what they do.  Allergies are back, because plants and trees are going through the same process of growing, and this also helps germs still exist. 

I do not want this to be a gloomy article, but it is one to think about. 

Written by, 

Cheryl A Nocera 

How What We Do Impacts Mother Earth

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on August 23, 2012 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (4)

     I read an interesting article the other day that explains how e live in the Earth and how everything we do impacts everything in it.  It has been said that every time a butterfly flaps it's wings it can be felt thousands of miles away.  If we think of that concept we will undrstand why things are going so very wrong in the air quality, climate, and now add the sea lvels rising. We cannot deny that our government officials should be doing more to make this a better place to live.  More money should be invested on caring for the Earth and everything in it, instead of war.  Now in this current time we have families starving and strurrling to put food on the table, trying to find cheaper places to live, because they cannot find work.  What I have to say to that is, create more jobs benefitting the Earth. 

A read an article out of the Lilipoh magazine written by Ana Pogacnik called, "The Process of Earth Changes as Life Path.  She talks about being connected with the spiritual world and how one of the messages she highlighss is, "Each being, everything that lives, has itrs own energy, its own life force. The Earth has its own ffrequency."  What she means is we are connected to the Earth and when things change in the Earth, we change. I thought that was a nice way of putting it. 

Written by
Cheryl A Nocera 
Site Owner

Have We Lost Touch With Reality

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on February 29, 2012 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (4)

   Time after time, I scratch my head wondering how long wiill it take before everyone just gives up.  People do not have jobs, which means they do not have money; or they are taking jobs for a lot less.  Meanwhile, prices of gas, food, and all other daily things we need have gone up.  Where will this lead everyone.  When only a short percentage of people are the rich and the rest are barely middle class and a lot are low class. So, where do we go from here.  Do we continue this trend of hopelessness; or do we stand up and demand for a change?  If we do stand up for ourselves, who do we go to?  

Then there is even a bigger picture of the environment.  Weather pattern changes, nothing stabile, and confusion.  Animals not knowing what to do.  Do they hibernate, do they go South for the winter, or do they stay and tough it out?  We have Canadian Geese that here all year round, parrots in the city, and swan in place noone would ever thought for them to be.  Why is this important; because food that is scarce for animals that are native and stay in the area, is now becoming scarce because other animals are there.  Same thing in the ocean; species that are normally in other areas, are adapting to area where they are not native.  These are called Invasive species.

Everyone who cares about thiese things, we need to stand together and come up with ideas to 

stop this pattern. 

Written by, 

Cheryl A Nocera 

Dreams Are Meant To Be

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on February 19, 2012 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (1)

Dreams Are Meant To Be:  We Should All Dream

Have you ever had a dream, and wonder will it come true?

Have you ever been scared to reach for a dream, because you might fail?

Have you often wondered, can I really do this, or should I walk away?

Have you cared so much about a dream, that broke from reality?

Everyone has dreams, whether it is being rich, famous, or being in love.

We all rich for the stars at times, but hold back when something goes wrong.

The world might be a better place, if everyone would reach for their dreams.

Because if we all did, so much would not be gone. 

Dream On Everyone,

Cheryl A Nocera