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When I was young I had a bad accident that left me with some challenges.  Challanges to learn, understand, and some physical impacts. I always just got by.  In school I passed by a thread. When I grew older I struggled understanding.  My family thought that I was making excuses, or did not believe me.  When I had my son there were times I even questioned my self, because I did not understand things that would happen. Especially, when he was diagnosed with seizures.  It did not make sense to me how a child who was always active, loved school, and loves to play had this horrible problem. When doctors told me that it just happened, as a parent it is hard to except.  Til this day I still ask questions. Anyway, I had other challenges, because life was not through with me yet.  My family looked down on me sometimes, my son almost looked down on me, I had a man stalk me, and he still does, I had two bad accidents both left with physical damanges on top of what I already had, and the good old economy had me as a victim.

What God gave me, was an awesome son, good friends, and family that does not look down on me so much anymore. My friends have been my biggest support and continue, while God continues to bring people in my life that I need. When I was going through tough times I would ask my friends do I really deserve this?  Haven't I gone through enough already? And of course the minute you ask that, something else will happen in return. My friends have giving me hope, and made me realize that I am not alone in this journey of finding peace.  People that are in my life now also help me realize things that I need to see in this new life I am coming into.  I have friends that are healers, adventurers, and just good people. I have people that are patient with me, because sometimes I do not understand things, and I try and try, but I just cannot get it.

However, I am a good person and continue my journey in to helping others the same way my friends have helped me. My son is also a big fan of mine to.  I believe my son taught me so much, and has been my brightest light in my life.

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Cheryl A Nocera


Cheryl A Nocera

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