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As I look in to my past and try to figure out where I went wrong. I see my regrets, mistakes, and fears that I am not sure I have left behind.  I try to learn from my past mistakes, but I cannot find a way to cut through all the mess that I have done.  When I first became a mother I was confident, more financially stabile than now, and could take on any challenge that came.  Looking back I did well.  However, I am not sure if I was faced with the same I would conquer. I have bared many crosses, and had many burdens, and sometimes I think so many that it weakened me.  There are days I try to find strength, but it is just not there anymore. I still movealong, and divide and conquer.  In the same sense, I feel like I am still in the same place.  Almost stationary like a hampster running on a wheel. I have been this way for 3 years.  I try to break it and more happens.  I pray every night, meditate, and destress when I can. There are times I feel no one is listening.

I look at what is happening in the world around me, not many people are doing well.  There is more sadness in the world, than I feel in my heart. There was a time I tried to save the world, and I thought I could. Every stray I came across I tried to help, but some are too broken to help. Now I am at the point I need to help me first, and then I can help others.  My friends tell me all the time.  Is it true being too nice is wrong? Is it true being kind is fake?  I wish more people could be like me than others.  I feel there is a constant struggle in the world who has more, who has even more than that, and who has nothing? I also feel in the end all of us as a whole are in for a rude awakening, because the time will come that congrees, wall street, and banks that have screwed pretty much everyone will be judged, and pay the price.

Check this out a very small percentage of this world holds the money, and the rest of us are in the very little of the money. I go back to farmers rebellion back in the 1800's.  I think we may see something like that again.  I really thought  Occupied Boston did a great job exposing corporate businesses, it is too bad that fight was lost.

Yes, I got off subject, because it is not just me that is being taken down.  It is not just who is faced with past regrets.  Currently, a majority of the world is also faced with it.  We have the economy down, environment ready to crumble, more homeless people that ever, families struggiling daily, and diseases are on the rise again. When we stop this silly rollercoaster, and get back on track? It will not be too soon.

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Cheryl A Nocera


Cheryl A Nocera

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